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Consignment Agreement:

New 4 You
827 Stockbridge Rd
Fort Mill SC 29708

Consignment Agreement

- Welcome! We are pleased that you want to become part of our shop!

- Merchandise selection is based on quality, demand, and current inventory. Please do not
be offended when we do not accept some items.

- All items must be laundered or dry cleaned and on hangers. Clothing and accessories
must be in the current fashion and seasonally appropriate.

- All items are displayed for three (3) months. Items that remain unsold after 30 days will be reduced in price by 25%, after 60 days reduced by 50%. Reductions for special sales, coupons, etc may be taken any time.

- Pricing of items is at the sole discretion of New 4 You.

- Consignors receive 40% of selling price.

- Payment for sold items will be calculated at the end of the month. Store credit may be
used anytime.

- There is a $5 consignor fee charged to your account the day it is opened. This is deducted from your proceeds.

- At the end of the consignment period, the consignor will have four (4) days to retrieve unsold items. After this period they become the property of New 4 You and/or donated to local charities.

- We do our best to safeguard your merchandise, but can not be held responsible for damage or loss caused by handling, fire, water, or theft.

I have read and understand the above terms and agree to the conditions.

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Email______________________________to be used for notification of special events, etc.
We will NOT sell your email

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